Hello we are Barbara and Siegfried, we come from Bavaria and we have lived here in the south of France since 2002.

In Germany Siegfried worked as a cabinet maker and Barbara as an agriculturalist.

In 1992, when we found this farm by chance, it was love at first sight. With the old charmed houses, the spring with lots of water, the proximity to the river with its nice pastures, the fantastic environment between the Cevennes and the Mediterranean it didn’t take longtook not for us to find a way to come here for ever. From the beginning the idea was organic farming where we could produce a part of our food joined with touristic-activity to give us and others the possibility to live a healthy life with lots of attractive activities in a nice surrounding. We also liked the idea to meet a lot of different kind of people in circumstances which helps to come together.

From the decision and the act to buy the farm in 1993 and to leave Germany and settle down in the south of France, we needed 10 years to organise to live and work in France.

Now, after 18 years of living in France, our 4 children (20, 18, 15 and 13 years) speak more French than German, we have beome used to the french system and we already feel less German than before, even when a kind of peculiarity always is a part of our lives (especially Siegfried and Barbara).

Now we run the “little” organic farm (at the moment hay and potatos). In the last years we already produced grains and some vegetables and we still have lots of different sorts of fruits, so I think we planed about 150 trees and bushes the last 14 years.

Since we bought the farm we have also rebuilt the houses (or not to say the walls, because 2 houses had just 4 walls and a roof) and all the “old” buildings and we tried to keep the traditional soul of the houses and to integrate the buildings in a good way to the area. We are also looking to create a healthy living clima in the houses by using natural and healthy material (chalk, wood etc.).

You are welcome to spend your holidays alone or with friends or your family, if ever you come for working in the area or if you want to spend a short weekend trip with friends or family or even for a event like birthday, wedding, Christmas or Easter. We try to make your stay as pleasant as possible by creating an individual, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in our holiday-homes.

We would like to welcome you with discretion and goodwill, create an informal and friendly contact and to keep a certain level of flexibility e.g for your arrival or departure wishes or other expectations you attach to your stay;

Do you also like sunny-days?
With about 320 days of sunshine each year and only about 40 days where the rainfall is measurable we enjoy the most stable climate in the whole of Europe. If you enjoy being next to water, like a river, lake or sea, you will be happy to stay in our holiday-houses. You find the river in 200m, the lake “lac du Salagou” in 11 km and the sea in 35 km.

Our holiday-homes kept the natural charm of Southern France and offers a fascinating location, calm and on the countryside next to the river Hérault, but also not far from Pezenas, Montpellier, Beziers, St. Guilhem le desert for lots of cultural activities. With a big closed garden, the swimming-pool with salt water and the river for swimming, kayaking and fishing the whole family will find good ideas to spent an exceptional time with lots of activities.

Be happy about your holidays in Aspiran in the south of France! Located between the Mediterranean and the Cevennes (classified by the UNESCO in the world heritage of the humanity), you are welcome for a stay of relaxation and discovery in an area rich in natural and cultural interest, mountains and magical nature, good wine and healthy fruits and vegetables. We are pleased to recommend you beautiful places and attractive activities!